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The Royal Choice: De-Yuan Baby Socks
  • The Royal Choice: De-Yuan Baby Socks

The Royal Choice: De-Yuan Baby Socks

De-Yuan Knitting is the major manufacturer of infant and children hosiery products for Mayoral, a renowned European children's appareal brand, whose Con b de bebé series were chosen for baby Prince Oscar of Sweden in his official photo released in March.

Earlier in March 2016 at about one month after the birth of Prince Oscar, the Swedish royal family released two official photos, in one of which the four-year-old Princess Estelle dotes over her baby brother in a classic light blue cardigan and cozy white pants and socks.

At De-Yuan Knitting, we are very pleased to notice that in the photo what Prince Oscar wears are from the Con b de bebé newborn series of Mayoral, a renowned European children’s apparel brand, as De-Yuan has been working with Mayoral as major supplier for infants and children hosiery for five years!

With years of cooperation with international children’s apparel brands, De-Yuan has carried forward our workmanship, adopted highest quality standards up to any strict requirement, and taken into account comfort, cuteness, and safety into design and manufacturing processes.

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Last edited on: September 22, 2016