Knitted Fabric Swatches Available

Seeing and touching the fabric in person is a great way to decide between several choices and to make sure they are the right stuffs for the pantyhose, tights, and leggings that your customers are going to like.

De-Yuan Knitting is now offering free fabric swatches of our best-selling products for your evaluation. These materials, made of nylon and spandex at various proportions, composed in different structures, are finalized into assorted tightness, transparence, breathability, stretchability, softness and smoothness.

There are nine different swatches in a set, and all of them are in black. The colors of final products are customizable on order. Your designs can also be realized through various techniques.

To receive a set of these fabric swatches, please send a message to: marketing@dyknitting.com with your delivery address and your account number with one of the major couriers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. We will be more than happy to send them to you right away.