About De-Yuan


De-Yuan Knitting is a full-service manufacturer and exporter, helping our customers target the diversified fashion markets. We are a strategic, holistic, knowledgeable, action-driven, and service-oriented supplier. Whether your business objectives are: expanding market share, realizing fashion designs and innovations, deepening into specialty products, exploring niche markets…we help make it happen.

Independently in business since 2007, De-Yuan's founders carry forward their rich expertise in the industry from the previous 15 years, playing a leading role in the supply chain of hosiery products and fashion wears. Our strength is the breadth and depth of our experience that has been firmly built up with years of extensive cooperation with
prestigious brand names.



We work side-by-side with our clients in every step along the supply chain, from design, development, packaging, to shipping and delivery. We are committed to your successes in the market. We align with your culture, cater to your business objectives, and expedite flexibly and resourcefully. We stand by the products we make, and offer best quality with maximized cost-effectiveness.



At De-Yuan Knitting, we strive to bring highest quality products and services to customers, to create best return for owners’ interests and for the company’s continuous development, to maximize the employees’ personal fulfillment, to feedback to the community and to contribute to the economic prosperity, all based on the principles of honesty and integrity. It is strongly rooted in our belief that stakeholders’ interests be taken into account fairly and reasonably during our business practices and operations, and that financial interest not be the only and utmost criterion in the business decisions we make.

Through the cooperation with various brands from diversified geographical, cultural, and corporate backgrounds, De-Yuan has accumulated invaluable experience and expertise in integrated supply chain coordination, and grown step-by-step into a full-service manufacturer and exporter. It is in our belief that we can grow only when our customers grow, and your success is our success!

A full list of brands De-Yuan has served can be viewed here:
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